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Anticipating future trends and technologies to create viable business transformation.

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Forces of change in industry today are presenting new challenges to which all organisations must be able to respond. At the forefront of these changes is digital disruption, and the exciting possibilities characterised by continuously evolving technologies. We work with you to adapt your organisation to take advantage of digital driven transformation; enriching your business model and empowering your staff to participate in a company-wide culture of innovation. The Digiotology Innovation Methodology has been developed with our network to encompass the six key stages of transformation. The methodology is agile in nature, allowing for rapid innovation and a flexible approach to best suit the challenge at hand. Each stage stands alone as well as a component part within the wider methodology, allowing us to tailor our approach to your need.


Discover a future of infinite possibilities

We start by deep diving into your world to make sure we really understand what is achievable and discover what changes in the organisation might need to occur to enable success. We will help you to refine, frame and prioritise what you need in order to achieve your innovation aspirations.

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Your glimpse of the possible

Once we’ve fully understood your aspirations and assessed your resources and capabilities, we’ll prepare a bespoke plan defining what is achievable. We will also present feedback on the organisational changes we believe will really optimise the potential of the project.

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Where your idea comes alive

This is what we do best; reaching out to our extensive network of data scientists, programmers and designers to develop ideas and plans into prototypes, APIs, workshops and solutions. It’s a pretty inspiring part of the process as exciting possibilities start to take shape as real, progressive products.

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Dare to be brave and just give it a go

It’s a bold step, but daring to try and encouraging ‘heroic failure’ in your teams is increasingly hailed by experts as the best competitive advantage. Changing your organisation’s culture can’t be done overnight, but we can guide you through changes that will have a powerful and lasting impact on your ability to bring your ideas to life.

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Prototyping as we go

This is when we’ll introduce a prototype to market. It will not be perfect. Instead, we will be able to test and refine as we go, learning how to improve in a live environment. Depending on your skill sets, resources and capabilities, we will enable your teams to do this themselves, or build capacity to support.

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Regroup to gather, review and refine

Now’s the time to evaluate data and feedback from your prototype launch to decide on how best to further refine product and processes. We’ll want to collaborate closely on your next steps for implementation and, should you choose to do so, can partner with you to help you take your prototype to a full market launch.

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