January Meetups

Digiotology Team

Posted on 2016-01-04
We ran our first meetup at the end of December, and it was hugely successful. In January, we’re going one step further, and running multiple around the country. They’ll be a mix of casual meetups and those which have a theme of building awesome projects (we’re calling these “Hack for Good” evenings/days). These are just our confirmed meetups, there are a couple more that we’re planning, but haven’t finalised yet. Once they’re ready, we’ll add them to the page and tweet about them. One of our current projects is Bluemix Connected Life, and so we’re going to run a couple of ‘Introduction to Bluemix’ workshops throughout the month a these events for those wh oare interested. If you want to attend the meetups, take a look at the Facebook events (links above) and mark yourself as going and, as always, feel free to get in touch with Kevin as a developer/designer/technical type with any questions!